With your help and support we can build the profession of tomorrow

How the CII can help

The CII is committed to working with the insurance sector to promote itself as a dynamic, rewarding career that offers entrants a wide range of diverse opportunities.

Through our efforts with Discover Risk we have showcased the profession to hundreds of young people and have created a flow of potential employees into the sector many of whom have gone onto carve out successful careers.

Although Discover Risk works as a means of attracting talent it has also been employed by a number of firms as a means of developing their staff or in support of their corporate social responsibility initiatives.

More recently we have launched a new Apprenticeships website www.apprentices.cii-talent.co.uk In parallel with Discover Risk this serves to explain apprenticeships, and their benefits, to potential new entrants and will be actively promoted to young people.

Over the coming months we will create additional websites aimed specifically at other groups who might be interested in working in the insurance sector. Our intention is to create a series of bespoke websites to attract talented individuals from a range of backgrounds. As well as encouraging diversity this will also provide a new flow of talent at a time when the profession is struggling with a skills shortage.

Anyone looking to source an apprentice, an intern or to find candidate to fill an existing role can make use of the CII’s new career portal - www.ciicareers.co.uk. This will match candidates to roles and uniquely will allow the validation of insurance qualifications by firms and individuals..

If you are interested in getting involved in Discover Risk or learning more about Apprenticeships and internships then you should contact Caspar.Bartington@cii.co.uk